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Actually, i’m still in my vacation now, but there’s something come to my mind about tablet, as i am also a tablet user.
Just for a name a few brand, Apple with iPad, Samsung with Galaxy Tab, Blackberry with Playbook, Dell with Streak, and still many more brands.

Today is tablet era, lots of people turn from laptop users into a tablet users. I don’t use laptop so much while there was no tablet before, i keep using my PC, i using laptop just very-very sometimes. Yes.. its more simple and mobile if it compared with PC. My smartphone is more than enough to help me finish my job at that time.

And than comes the tablet. And i said, yes..its cool. Really cool. I buy it, and now i use it.

More helpful than smartphones, and more simple than laptop. 5, 7, or 10 inches of screen is wide enough to manage my website and blog. Its clear enough to see my design details.

On this lately i’m traveling so much, and this fit in my pocket. And my job can be done everywhere. Eventhough not for a 100% done on tablet, i cam say its 95% done by a tablet, and the rest 5% still by desktop pc.