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Tech And Musicians

What the best thing from a technology? One of them is, it make your life more simple.
A technology created to help people do their job, helping someone doing their work, and also it can make the job more simple.

In today life, we can not avoid of using the technology. A handphone is a technology, microwave is a technology, TV, computer, tablet, and lots more.

Thousand of great musics made by the help of technology, a laptop can create many different of sounds, even a tablet can help a musician create a great music, a musician don’t need to find a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and else. Lot of good computer software can handle all of it. Lot of software and application can made a good music. The problem is, how good is a musician use that technology.

I will write about an indie musicians here, that they have to know lots about device and technology. Today recording session is much different than last 10 years ago. Lot of succesed musicians have a good knowledge about technology. A guitarist can combine lot of different song from their pedal effects and amps, and so for other player. Computer, tablet, and laptop is some of “musicians friend”. That device acompaniying musicians during their sesion in recording, or during the process of creating music.
Indie artist need more creative, this statetment also mean they need have a good knowledge in using several kind of device and technology. technology always updated, and so the musicians, don’t be retarded. Get to know of it, even you might be not going to use it.