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Who Want To Get Approved By Google Adsense?

The title of this post seems to be a phrase that many bloggers look forward to. and the answers would be “yes, i want it”.
But i’m not going to be give an Google Adsense here. I just want to share my opinion about how many bloggers want their blog/site approved by Google Adsense.
Sometimes I often stop by the Google Adsense forums, just to look around and increase knowledge about this adsense. Most of the forum members asking other member of the Moderator of the forum, or experienced users to review his/her site/blog. “Is it my website is compliant to be accepted by Google Adsense?”. This is the common and most asked question in the forum. And many kind of answer showing, from what i’ve noticed, the most problem is, the contents. Yeah..what about the content. The most reason is, The content is not original.
After seeing and following many threads and many different of forum talks about web/blog publisher, specifically about adsense, not original content is become the top problem why a site not get approved. So what kind of the original content is actually is it.
i just curious, if someone want to create a web/blog about technology, specifically smartphones, and of course they will talk about the same brand, type of smartphones with other site. Lets make an example about the upcoming Sony Xperia Z. A site already write an article about this phone, and other site also write about this phones, as we are know, this Xperia Z is not released yet. so mostly, gadget or tech web/blog just talked about the rumor of that Xperia Z. Or maybe some leaked information. In short it’s all derived from a single common source, namely the Xperia Z. So which site or blog as plagiarism, and which sites are first wrote that it was their original article.
To be honest, I’ve read the exact same article written by three different sites and was released at the same time. So what about a case like this, who is original and who hijack?, Or maybe it just me who don’t understand so much about “the original content”.
Now we’re talking about the image or picture.
If you are a photographer, and run your own web/blog, and upload the pictures taken by your own camera to your own site, that will be no problem. But how about a site that write a general articles, or a public news. For example, maybe you own a music or film blog/website, and you had a chance to conduct an interview with an artist, but it just an email interview, or Skype interview, or Phones interview, and than you asked the artist the provided you with her/his pictures, and the artist just let you to take a picture from his/her Facebook page. That could be a million of sites/blogs already use that image. And how about an exclusive interview and exclusive article that you’ve just got from the artist itself, of course you don’t want someone say it not original article/interview, even if you use a picture that is already used by another site.Is it also can create an article to be not original ?.
I also can not answer it, just Google Adsense can explain, or people who are experts in this sort of thing.