Make The Job As A Hobby Or A Hobby As A Job

Wikipedia said A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time. Examples of hobbies include collecting, creative and artistic pursuits, making, tinkering, sports and adult education. Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience. People also enjoy participating in competitive hobbies such as athletics, hockey, curling, golf, bowling and tennis.

A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour (in the case of odd jobs) to a lifetime (in the case of some judges). If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career.

Just in case you not so sure about those both words. But we will not talk about the definition of that words more specific. Wikipedia already explained it to us.

Straight to the problem, which one would you choose? make the job into a hobby or make your hobby becomes your job?

many people say that you will not gain a lot of money if you make the hobby as a job, but if you make the job of being a hobby then you will be successful. I definitely not agree with this statement.  Success or failure depends on how we run it. As the latest post, be creative is still an important thing to do.


Unique Post, Unique Blog, Or Unique Web/Blog Design

When we are talking about something unique its might also talking about something different. And it is mean something not a usual, maybe.

I won’t talking or write about the unique list here, will not writing the list of unique posts on blogs, or unique blog itself, or a unique designs or templates or themes of a blog. I just want to share something like “Why should create something unique” ?

It is not a mistake if you trying make something a unique things to attract people, make a unique advertising, unique promotion, and unique posts to attract consumers. The more unique you can made the more people admiring your creativity. But if a unique thing is the only way to attract people it will not absolutely right, You also have to convey something important and quality. This thing will be great if it run side-by-side together.

Not only in a web or blog, in a music this also applies. And it doesn’t mean a unique music is a strange music. You can explore the imagination on creating a well music.

Don’t choose a unique one or a quality one, trying to run them both equally.

How Indie Band Promote Their Music

In general, there are two types of the musicians on selling their music. First is the musicians already sign a contract with major label, and the second is for the band that still or stay on indie label.
We don’t talk about the major label for now, there’s not much interesting thing to talk about in major label.

Being an indie label band is not easy, its more difficult than how people can imagine. From making their own music, record it, mastering it, mix, sell and promote the music all must be fone by them self.

If you ever visited my heavy metal news website named, most of the band that i ever wrote their articles are indie bands. And most of them will stay on indie.

For some reason, major label can not accept their music, and the other reason is, their music is not comercial, and the major label can not sell their music.
In my opinion, creativity it doesn’t mean comercial. Comercial thing is something to sell to public, but creativity not always have to sell. Sometimes it is more expensive than money can buy.
But for indie bands, of course they have to sell their creativity in music, this is just to keep them alive, to continue their creativity.
Major artists will not care too much about promoting their music, their label already handle it, but how about the indie band.
Indie label must have the good idea on promoting their band and music.
One thing is much easier for snd indie label to promote their band and music is by using social media.
Facebook and twitter is still the top priority to make a promotion. The other place is just like myspace, reverbnation, bandcamp, and lot more.
Indie artists or indie bands must have an ability to interact with their fans through social media, they also have to honest to web admin, web editor or contributor.
There are lots of webzine write articles about an indie band, and it usefull to promote theirself. It give much benefit to the band itself.
But if the banf avoid using social media, where else the band to get known. Local radio station seems like only have limited listener, l8csl tv station, is almost impossible to show them, but social media?? Its unlimited, they can have new fan everyday.

Is It Necessary To Learn Design

Starting a business you must have skill and art of selling. You have to know your buyers need, what kind of products that they really want, and for what purpose.
Management skill is also a must for a businessman. A good management is mean a good company. A good company will produce good product.

How to make consumers choose your product?
You need to promote the product first, make people know of your product, give them the details of the product.
What if the promotion is not enough?
On my opinion, promotion always enough, with several condition, create a product with unique design, or with a very good design. Good or unique design will always attract the consumers. Good design will help your promotion idea much easier.

I ever read “businessman don’t need skill of design, all they have to do is sell, sell, and sell”.
I disagree with this statement. A good businessman must have a skill and taste of art and design. It is about an implementation of the selling skill.
Learning consumer behavior will bring good product with good design. Consumer not only need the use or purpose of a product, they will also need a good design. Even your company already have a designer team, it doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about design.
Just know how to sell a good its a seller, if you good on design it will make you a designer, if you know how to sell and how to design, it will make you a businessmsn

For What Purpose

Do you use social media?, maybe this question is a right question if you asked for about 15 years ago, for today question, it supposed to be “What social media do you use?”.
That some explaination regarding those two question. 15 years ago, there’s just small number of person using social media, company not using social media for selling or promoting their business, people not using social media to connect each other. But now almost every company put their social media account beside their contact page, magazine always add Facebook Like or share buttons and also “tweet this” button for every of their post. That’s means their realize there’s more than 60% people using social media for now.

For business person or a company they will use the social media for their business purpose, but what about for a personal person? is it just for keeping get in touch with somebody else or there’s another purpose?


This article actually based on my latest post.

Make social media as what it is, share something good, useful, important, and just a true stories.

social media is a place to socialize, promote something, but not for “Show Off”.


When Social Media Turn Into A Boring Media

Do you use social media?
Most people now using social media, and they use it with many different way.

When do you think a social media can be a boring media, actually it happened a lot and often. If the social media keep using to posting the same articles over and over everytime, so you just read the same story for couple of days, that another reason make it boring.

or if you following a person with keep posting the same story with a different version, of course you won’t need to read it over and over again. As it is same old stories with a different way to told.


Start A Blog Or A Web

So you starting create a blog or a web site(actully not so much different between blog and a website.
How do you start created a blog/site? By find the idea and inspiration for the blog/site content? Or by find the best themes?
If you build a blog/site using cms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or else, picking a themes is a must.
For some blogger or web admin, the inspiration could be come from the themes or templates that their pick. At least that i ever did.

It doesn’t if it is a free themes/templates or a paid one. As long as it is meet your need, so use it. Paid themes/templates doesn’t guaranteed you will have a good web or blog, and so free themes/templates it is not a reason that can make your blog or web look cheap.

Why Android Is usefull

From many web stats that i ever read, Android is in the top list of the most market smarphones. Android beat iOS (iPhone) and Blackberry users. Android number of users continues to grow. Followed by many smartphones manufacture created variant of Android Smartphone every month.

Just to name a few, Samsung with several type of Smartphones which is using Android, LG also produce several variant of Android smartphones, and Sony with their Xperia series, and so HTC and still many more. And not to mention any Tablet that their made.

But iOS only for iPhone, iPad and iPod, and Blackberry OS only for Blackberry smartphone and Blackberry Playbook. So logically, Android already beat them just by the variant of manufacturer that produce Android smartphones and tablets.


Let us see why android so usefull :


1.  Android have an alternative app for every iOs and Blackberry App.

Android users will not feel afraid to remain connected with ios and blackberry users.  If you use any of Android OS version, you won’t be aware to keep in touch with iOS or Blackberry users.

2.  Android has more apps than any Windows tablet or smartphones.

3. Android Sync perfect with any other smartphones

This is another big reason for people to use Android, they can keep their contacts, and data.

4.  Android is more flexible

Android is a Linux base software, Android OS is built on Open Source programming it means that a lot more can be done with it. A programmer is allowed to take the original code and fiddle with it to create new software, updates and apps.

5.  Android is priced for all pocket.

This is that make Android the winner if it compared with iOS, Blackberry, or Windows. Android comes with very variant types of smartphones with wide range of price. So this mean, Android always available in any price.


Ubuntu 13.04

The changes aren’t subtle, and anyone familiar with the Previews feature as it works in 12.10 will notice the different.

Most notable thus far is the new ‘drop-down’ animation when opening a preview. Although not quite as ‘interesting’ in action as that used in 12.10, it is faster and cleaner. Preview details themselves now appear within a container to better differentiate the details pane from general icon grid.

What is Cookies

When you open a web, or surf the net using browser, maybe you ever got noticed to enable cookies on your browser. do you know exactly what is cookies?

Cookies are usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders.

Cookies are created to keep track of your movement in the site that you browse, and it is also help you to resume where you left off. Cookies are often indispensable for websites that have huge databases, need logins, have customizable themes, other advanced features.

Cookies usually don’t contain much information except for the url of the website that created the cookie, the duration of the cookie’s abilities and effects, and a random number. Due to the little amount of information a cookie contains, it usually cannot be used to reveal your identity or personally identifying information.However, marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated and cookies in some cases can be agressively used to create a profile of your surfing habits.

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies

Session Cookies : created temporarily in your browser’s subfolder while you are visiting a website. Once you leave the site, the session cookie is deleted.

Persistent cookies : persistent cookie files remain in your browser’s subfolder and are activated again once you visit the website that created that particular cookie. A persistent cookie remains in the browser’s subfolder for the duration period set within the cookie’s file.

That all the main definition about cookies on online browser. leave a comment if you want to know more, so maybe we can discuss it for more further. so i can write another post about cookies.