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High Price It Doesn’t Mean A Good Design

It’s just happened to me few minutes ago when i plan to buy a wordpress template for my website.
I already pick a good looking theme, nice design, awesome color combination, great feature, and easy to set up. But then i chat with a someone in a forum that he can help me building a worpress theme. So i give it a try with this man, i told to him what i eant on that theme, how it supposed to look, the color to use, the widget, and other feature. And he is surprising me with his own made theme. Its about 2 times better than a theme that i planed to buy before.

So, high or expensive price is not a quarantee for a better product, sometimes a cheape ones is lot better than an expensive ones.
The more you search, the more you will find, the more you will get.


Why Android Is usefull

From many web stats that i ever read, Android is in the top list of the most market smarphones. Android beat iOS (iPhone) and Blackberry users. Android number of users continues to grow. Followed by many smartphones manufacture created variant of Android Smartphone every month.

Just to name a few, Samsung with several type of Smartphones which is using Android, LG also produce several variant of Android smartphones, and Sony with their Xperia series, and so HTC and still many more. And not to mention any Tablet that their made.

But iOS only for iPhone, iPad and iPod, and Blackberry OS only for Blackberry smartphone and Blackberry Playbook. So logically, Android already beat them just by the variant of manufacturer that produce Android smartphones and tablets.


Let us see why android so usefull :


1.  Android have an alternative app for every iOs and Blackberry App.

Android users will not feel afraid to remain connected with ios and blackberry users.  If you use any of Android OS version, you won’t be aware to keep in touch with iOS or Blackberry users.

2.  Android has more apps than any Windows tablet or smartphones.

3. Android Sync perfect with any other smartphones

This is another big reason for people to use Android, they can keep their contacts, and data.

4.  Android is more flexible

Android is a Linux base software, Android OS is built on Open Source programming it means that a lot more can be done with it. A programmer is allowed to take the original code and fiddle with it to create new software, updates and apps.

5.  Android is priced for all pocket.

This is that make Android the winner if it compared with iOS, Blackberry, or Windows. Android comes with very variant types of smartphones with wide range of price. So this mean, Android always available in any price.


Ubuntu 13.04

The changes aren’t subtle, and anyone familiar with the Previews feature as it works in 12.10 will notice the different.

Most notable thus far is the new ‘drop-down’ animation when opening a preview. Although not quite as ‘interesting’ in action as that used in 12.10, it is faster and cleaner. Preview details themselves now appear within a container to better differentiate the details pane from general icon grid.