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10 TV Series With Detective And Criminal Stories

This article will purely based on what TV series i watched recently.
Serial killer, homicide, kidnapping and lot more stories is kind of tv show that I am most interested in. A little bit of horror sometimes can be fun. A drama and comedy also a nice choice.

Ten list that i write below was picked randomly, so it don’t mean the number 1 on the list is the best one, and number 10 is the worst. All of these tens are the best of my choice.
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Why Twitter And Not Facebook

Twitter and Facebook is the largest social media when seen from the number of users. Many users use social media with their own purpose. And for a company or businessmen they will use it to promote their product.
Personal user or company for recently, they will use both social media. If they have Facebook, they will also have Twitter. So what is the advantage of both Social Media, why not only use or pick one. On Facebook you can have a photo album, complete profile page, and even you can make a fan page if you have many friends or costumers. But on Twitter, no photo album, no complete profile page, no fan page, it just an account and you time line.
yep..Twitter is more simple, way more simple than Facebook. On my opinion, this is make Twitter more reasonable to use for several users. And so for several company, artists, and other public figure.

Technology made to make our life much simple, and so do Twitter, simplicity on twitter have made ​​reasonable grounds for use by Integration, group or personal. Twitter more reality, no fake, no long-winded comments and not complicated. It just straight to the point.

Twitter users also can search what hot on internet fast, Twitter’s popular topics one of Twitter weapon to help the users to find what they need. Twitter also has no limitation on how many friends/followers you will have, but on Facebook, it will be not more than 5k. As the way out, you have to make a fan page, that you can handle millions of friends. A status that you made in Facebook can only commented by your friends with a limited comment, not in Twitter, as long is it is fit on 140 characters, it can sustainable. And don’t worry if it is more than 140 characters, there are third party apps can make it short, and still readable. On Facebook you update your status with words, on Twitter you share ‘Keywords’. Confused? Well it’s simple. Twitter is searchable by not only twitter users but by search engines like Google. Not only can someone on Twitter search follow and converse with you about ‘Smoothies’ or ‘Blueray discs’ when you simply type the word into your tweet, your content is search-able by Google spiders too. Endless possibilities when your content is on the super highway for all to find.
And don’t forget also the technology of using hashtag in Twitter, that help much on connecting with someone else.
On Twitter, you can easily meet with new people, but not in Facebook.

So this is several reason why Twitter si more reasonable to use than Facebook.

Who Want To Get Approved By Google Adsense?

The title of this post seems to be a phrase that many bloggers look forward to. and the answers would be “yes, i want it”.
But i’m not going to be give an Google Adsense here. I just want to share my opinion about how many bloggers want their blog/site approved by Google Adsense.
Sometimes I often stop by the Google Adsense forums, just to look around and increase knowledge about this adsense. Most of the forum members asking other member of the Moderator of the forum, or experienced users to review his/her site/blog. “Is it my website is compliant to be accepted by Google Adsense?”. This is the common and most asked question in the forum. And many kind of answer showing, from what i’ve noticed, the most problem is, the contents. Yeah..what about the content. The most reason is, The content is not original.
After seeing and following many threads and many different of forum talks about web/blog publisher, specifically about adsense, not original content is become the top problem why a site not get approved. So what kind of the original content is actually is it.
i just curious, if someone want to create a web/blog about technology, specifically smartphones, and of course they will talk about the same brand, type of smartphones with other site. Lets make an example about the upcoming Sony Xperia Z. A site already write an article about this phone, and other site also write about this phones, as we are know, this Xperia Z is not released yet. so mostly, gadget or tech web/blog just talked about the rumor of that Xperia Z. Or maybe some leaked information. In short it’s all derived from a single common source, namely the Xperia Z. So which site or blog as plagiarism, and which sites are first wrote that it was their original article.
To be honest, I’ve read the exact same article written by three different sites and was released at the same time. So what about a case like this, who is original and who hijack?, Or maybe it just me who don’t understand so much about “the original content”.
Now we’re talking about the image or picture.
If you are a photographer, and run your own web/blog, and upload the pictures taken by your own camera to your own site, that will be no problem. But how about a site that write a general articles, or a public news. For example, maybe you own a music or film blog/website, and you had a chance to conduct an interview with an artist, but it just an email interview, or Skype interview, or Phones interview, and than you asked the artist the provided you with her/his pictures, and the artist just let you to take a picture from his/her Facebook page. That could be a million of sites/blogs already use that image. And how about an exclusive interview and exclusive article that you’ve just got from the artist itself, of course you don’t want someone say it not original article/interview, even if you use a picture that is already used by another site.Is it also can create an article to be not original ?.
I also can not answer it, just Google Adsense can explain, or people who are experts in this sort of thing.

Tech And Musicians

What the best thing from a technology? One of them is, it make your life more simple.
A technology created to help people do their job, helping someone doing their work, and also it can make the job more simple.

In today life, we can not avoid of using the technology. A handphone is a technology, microwave is a technology, TV, computer, tablet, and lots more.

Thousand of great musics made by the help of technology, a laptop can create many different of sounds, even a tablet can help a musician create a great music, a musician don’t need to find a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and else. Lot of good computer software can handle all of it. Lot of software and application can made a good music. The problem is, how good is a musician use that technology.

I will write about an indie musicians here, that they have to know lots about device and technology. Today recording session is much different than last 10 years ago. Lot of succesed musicians have a good knowledge about technology. A guitarist can combine lot of different song from their pedal effects and amps, and so for other player. Computer, tablet, and laptop is some of “musicians friend”. That device acompaniying musicians during their sesion in recording, or during the process of creating music.
Indie artist need more creative, this statetment also mean they need have a good knowledge in using several kind of device and technology. technology always updated, and so the musicians, don’t be retarded. Get to know of it, even you might be not going to use it.

The Band Searching For Label Or Label Searching For The Band

This is happened for indie bands, especially underground bands. As we are know, indie or independent band must have their own way and strategy earning money for themself. Their promotion need budget, their recording process need budget, and so on…everything need budget.
There are several way for an indie band to pay sll their expenses. Selling the CD, make a show or tour, and selling marchandise. These are the most common band activities.
The process is earn money, need budget. Sometimes they can not handle itby themselves. And this what label are for, label can handle that for their bands.
But i’m not going to talk about the band budget or something like that, i just want to share my opinion about the record label and the band.

Who need who??
The band need the label, and so the label will neef band.
But the problem is, the number of record label only a few. This is make a hard job for the bamd to get attention from the label.
It is like hundreds of demo sent to label company every month, and the label have to listen and read it all. From one hundred band submited to a reacord label, maybe only 1 or 2 of them will having luck getting attention by label company.  And for the unlucky bands, they will kepp trying and find another label company, or the band is over, and  build new band and start it over again. Or keep selling thei own made merchandise to keep the band alive.

The creativity will keep the band alive

High Price It Doesn’t Mean A Good Design

It’s just happened to me few minutes ago when i plan to buy a wordpress template for my website.
I already pick a good looking theme, nice design, awesome color combination, great feature, and easy to set up. But then i chat with a someone in a forum that he can help me building a worpress theme. So i give it a try with this man, i told to him what i eant on that theme, how it supposed to look, the color to use, the widget, and other feature. And he is surprising me with his own made theme. Its about 2 times better than a theme that i planed to buy before.

So, high or expensive price is not a quarantee for a better product, sometimes a cheape ones is lot better than an expensive ones.
The more you search, the more you will find, the more you will get.


Actually, i’m still in my vacation now, but there’s something come to my mind about tablet, as i am also a tablet user.
Just for a name a few brand, Apple with iPad, Samsung with Galaxy Tab, Blackberry with Playbook, Dell with Streak, and still many more brands.

Today is tablet era, lots of people turn from laptop users into a tablet users. I don’t use laptop so much while there was no tablet before, i keep using my PC, i using laptop just very-very sometimes. Yes.. its more simple and mobile if it compared with PC. My smartphone is more than enough to help me finish my job at that time.

And than comes the tablet. And i said, yes..its cool. Really cool. I buy it, and now i use it.

More helpful than smartphones, and more simple than laptop. 5, 7, or 10 inches of screen is wide enough to manage my website and blog. Its clear enough to see my design details.

On this lately i’m traveling so much, and this fit in my pocket. And my job can be done everywhere. Eventhough not for a 100% done on tablet, i cam say its 95% done by a tablet, and the rest 5% still by desktop pc.

Make The Job As A Hobby Or A Hobby As A Job

Wikipedia said A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time. Examples of hobbies include collecting, creative and artistic pursuits, making, tinkering, sports and adult education. Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience. People also enjoy participating in competitive hobbies such as athletics, hockey, curling, golf, bowling and tennis.

A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour (in the case of odd jobs) to a lifetime (in the case of some judges). If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career.

Just in case you not so sure about those both words. But we will not talk about the definition of that words more specific. Wikipedia already explained it to us.

Straight to the problem, which one would you choose? make the job into a hobby or make your hobby becomes your job?

many people say that you will not gain a lot of money if you make the hobby as a job, but if you make the job of being a hobby then you will be successful. I definitely not agree with this statement.  Success or failure depends on how we run it. As the latest post, be creative is still an important thing to do.

Unique Post, Unique Blog, Or Unique Web/Blog Design

When we are talking about something unique its might also talking about something different. And it is mean something not a usual, maybe.

I won’t talking or write about the unique list here, will not writing the list of unique posts on blogs, or unique blog itself, or a unique designs or templates or themes of a blog. I just want to share something like “Why should create something unique” ?

It is not a mistake if you trying make something a unique things to attract people, make a unique advertising, unique promotion, and unique posts to attract consumers. The more unique you can made the more people admiring your creativity. But if a unique thing is the only way to attract people it will not absolutely right, You also have to convey something important and quality. This thing will be great if it run side-by-side together.

Not only in a web or blog, in a music this also applies. And it doesn’t mean a unique music is a strange music. You can explore the imagination on creating a well music.

Don’t choose a unique one or a quality one, trying to run them both equally.