Why Twitter And Not Facebook

Twitter and Facebook is the largest social media when seen from the number of users. Many users use social media with their own purpose. And for a company or businessmen they will use it to promote their product.
Personal user or company for recently, they will use both social media. If they have Facebook, they will also have Twitter. So what is the advantage of both Social Media, why not only use or pick one. On Facebook you can have a photo album, complete profile page, and even you can make a fan page if you have many friends or costumers. But on Twitter, no photo album, no complete profile page, no fan page, it just an account and you time line.
yep..Twitter is more simple, way more simple than Facebook. On my opinion, this is make Twitter more reasonable to use for several users. And so for several company, artists, and other public figure.

Technology made to make our life much simple, and so do Twitter, simplicity on twitter have made ​​reasonable grounds for use by Integration, group or personal. Twitter more reality, no fake, no long-winded comments and not complicated. It just straight to the point.

Twitter users also can search what hot on internet fast, Twitter’s popular topics one of Twitter weapon to help the users to find what they need. Twitter also has no limitation on how many friends/followers you will have, but on Facebook, it will be not more than 5k. As the way out, you have to make a fan page, that you can handle millions of friends. A status that you made in Facebook can only commented by your friends with a limited comment, not in Twitter, as long is it is fit on 140 characters, it can sustainable. And don’t worry if it is more than 140 characters, there are third party apps can make it short, and still readable. On Facebook you update your status with words, on Twitter you share ‘Keywords’. Confused? Well it’s simple. Twitter is searchable by not only twitter users but by search engines like Google. Not only can someone on Twitter search follow and converse with you about ‘Smoothies’ or ‘Blueray discs’ when you simply type the word into your tweet, your content is search-able by Google spiders too. Endless possibilities when your content is on the super highway for all to find.
And don’t forget also the technology of using hashtag in Twitter, that help much on connecting with someone else.
On Twitter, you can easily meet with new people, but not in Facebook.

So this is several reason why Twitter si more reasonable to use than Facebook.


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