The Band Searching For Label Or Label Searching For The Band

This is happened for indie bands, especially underground bands. As we are know, indie or independent band must have their own way and strategy earning money for themself. Their promotion need budget, their recording process need budget, and so on…everything need budget.
There are several way for an indie band to pay sll their expenses. Selling the CD, make a show or tour, and selling marchandise. These are the most common band activities.
The process is earn money, need budget. Sometimes they can not handle itby themselves. And this what label are for, label can handle that for their bands.
But i’m not going to talk about the band budget or something like that, i just want to share my opinion about the record label and the band.

Who need who??
The band need the label, and so the label will neef band.
But the problem is, the number of record label only a few. This is make a hard job for the bamd to get attention from the label.
It is like hundreds of demo sent to label company every month, and the label have to listen and read it all. From one hundred band submited to a reacord label, maybe only 1 or 2 of them will having luck getting attention by label company.  And for the unlucky bands, they will kepp trying and find another label company, or the band is over, and  build new band and start it over again. Or keep selling thei own made merchandise to keep the band alive.

The creativity will keep the band alive


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