Is It Necessary To Learn Design

Starting a business you must have skill and art of selling. You have to know your buyers need, what kind of products that they really want, and for what purpose.
Management skill is also a must for a businessman. A good management is mean a good company. A good company will produce good product.

How to make consumers choose your product?
You need to promote the product first, make people know of your product, give them the details of the product.
What if the promotion is not enough?
On my opinion, promotion always enough, with several condition, create a product with unique design, or with a very good design. Good or unique design will always attract the consumers. Good design will help your promotion idea much easier.

I ever read “businessman don’t need skill of design, all they have to do is sell, sell, and sell”.
I disagree with this statement. A good businessman must have a skill and taste of art and design. It is about an implementation of the selling skill.
Learning consumer behavior will bring good product with good design. Consumer not only need the use or purpose of a product, they will also need a good design. Even your company already have a designer team, it doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about design.
Just know how to sell a good its a seller, if you good on design it will make you a designer, if you know how to sell and how to design, it will make you a businessmsn


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