For What Purpose

Do you use social media?, maybe this question is a right question if you asked for about 15 years ago, for today question, it supposed to be “What social media do you use?”.
That some explaination regarding those two question. 15 years ago, there’s just small number of person using social media, company not using social media for selling or promoting their business, people not using social media to connect each other. But now almost every company put their social media account beside their contact page, magazine always add Facebook Like or share buttons and also “tweet this” button for every of their post. That’s means their realize there’s more than 60% people using social media for now.

For business person or a company they will use the social media for their business purpose, but what about for a personal person? is it just for keeping get in touch with somebody else or there’s another purpose?


This article actually based on my latest post.

Make social media as what it is, share something good, useful, important, and just a true stories.

social media is a place to socialize, promote something, but not for “Show Off”.



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