Why Should Some Blogs

Some people need blog, and some people just enjoy using social media account. Some people need more than 1(one) blogs, and some of them just feel too much which just one blog. As this is my personal blog, please…let me freely writing what’s in my head aka my opinion.

I like blogging, but i’m not a blogger, confuse…??? don’t be, that’s just the way i felt about my “writing” activities.

As you can see on my About page, there i said i have several blog and website. is it just for keeping me busy or is it about something that i want to share? Sometimes, the answer is both, both answer is correct, but sometimes the answer is just one, that is about something i wanna share. If you only answer “just for keeping me busy” that is definitely wron answer. There’re tons of my other events that made me more busy.

that’s enough for the first post, next post will be more serious and more qualified.


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